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Why a DreamSpace?


Let’s face it.  You can go to a lot of places and find a “shed” to put in your backyard.  Frankly, that’s not the point. 

There are two reasons people buy a backyard shed, and both are good reasons you should think hard before you make a buying decision.

The most common reason for buying a shed is… to store things. 

That means a place that will keep things safe and dry for a period of time.  Most sheds only last 8 to 12 years before they need to be replaced.  That means you have to re-buy or significantly repair your shed over and over again just to store some stuff?  That doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Our DreamSpace backyard structures are designed to last much longer without problems.  That means you don’t have to re-buy them over and over again.  AND they keep things safe and dry longer.

The second reason people buy a backyard structure is for some special use… like an office… or a special workshop… or an art or hobby place… or even a place to entertain.

That means you want a space that will not only last, but will perform better than just a “wooden box” stuck in your backyard.

Our DreamSpaces™ are designed to last longer AND perform better.  We can insulate it for you, provide electrical and lighting, install special flooring… you name it, and we can do it for you.  We can make your DreamSpace the perfect place you have always wanted to have.

You give us an idea of your needs.  We help you design it.  You tell us how you want to use it.  We build in the quality and functionality to make your DreamSpace the perfect place for you. 

All it takes is a call.  Whatever you decide you want, we will help you find an affordable way to get it done.

We look forward to helping you design your new affordable DreamSpace.