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Our Delivery Process


When considering the purchase of a new structure, it is crucial to make sure that you have adequate access to your prepared pad (to learn more about Site Preparation, click here). Depending on the size of building you purchase, as well as the type of site access you have, we have three delivery processes which can be used to move your structure into place.


Delivery by Truck & Trailer

For us to be able to access your pad with our truck and trailer, we will need a “path” from the street back to the pad which is at least 2’ wider than your building. When navigating any turns, we will need additional space. We will also need at least a 14’ height clearance underneath any overhanging tree branches, wires, etc. Since the entire truck and trailer will be driving on your yard right up to the pad, it is important for your ground to be dry enough that there is no risk of the rig getting stuck. Take a look at the slide show above to watch how the process takes place.


Delivery by “Mule”

And no, by this we don’t mean the four-legged kind! We often encounter situations where it is not possible to navigate a full truck and trailer into a customer’s yard. If this is the case, our next option is to use the Mule. The Mule is a small, all-terrain mini forklift, like the one shown in this photo. With wide flotation tires positioned underneath the opposite side of the building, the Mule can drive your building across your yard independent of the truck and trailer. This works well in situations involving tight turns, low clearance, or soft ground. Your sales consultant will be happy to discuss this option with you to see if it is feasible in your situation. There is no additional charge for use of the Mule.


Built On-Site

If you have obstacles that will not allow even the Mule to come in with an assembled shed, such as fences or trees, our only option then is to build your building complete on-site. We will deliver your building in a kit form, with the floor and walls pre-assembled in modular sections. This allows us to carry your shed by hand, piece by piece, to its location. All we need is a walkway or single gate for access. This delivery process is also necessary on very large buildings which cannot be transported assembled due to hauling restrictions. Check out the video below showing one of our large barns being built on-site.