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Whew-ee is it HOT!

Whew-ee is it HOT! How do you beat the heat? Some people overcome it by embracing it. They spend more time outside by the pool, in the garden or grilling, and seem to be fine with only a bit of shade and a breeze.

Our yards have become an extension of our space, and some of us take full advantage of it. Outdoor play houses or playrooms giving the children a shady, outdoor space of their own are gaining as much popularity as pool houses and gazebos as an extension of our living space. However, while enjoying the outdoors we sometimes abuse these buildings. Just a little thought will help the longevity of your structures reach their 30-35 year potential.

While grilling, it’s not always the flame we need to be concerned about. You also need to be careful of the wind carrying the heat too close to your structure – especially if you have vinyl siding. Even though I had my grill more than 3′ from my house and grilled for months with no problem, one time the wind was blowing toward the house and the heat caused the profile/pattern of the vinyl to buckle, unnoticed till the next morning. I’ve lived, I’ve learned, and hopefully someone can benefit from it.

Shed on Stone Pad

Planting around your shed is one of the things that will really make a structure become part of your landscape, reflecting your personality & green thumb. However, it is not good to have landscaping right up to your building. We recommend having 12″ of exposed stone around your building, so when rainwater runs off the roof it lands on the stone. We also recommend using a clean or modified stone that packs well, but will also allow the water to filter down through it and drain away. Mulch and other such products tend to hold moisture – and that’s great for plants, but not good for sheds, especially with wood siding.

I have had many customers send me photos of creative ways to keep the function of the stone & work it into the landscaping. I would be interested in seeing yours also! If you’ve found a great solution post them on our Facebook page.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,