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Your backyard is waiting . . . to make your life better

Something is happening in backyards all over America. We call it “backyarding” but it is more than just doing more in your backyard.

People don’t want to sell their homes at a loss so they are finding ways to get the added space and entertainment they desire right in their backyards.

People are using a combination of landscaping, hardscaping, and structures that provide relaxation space, entertainment space, craft and hobby workshop space, office space, and a multitude of other use spaces. There are people spending more in their backyards than they spent on their homes because they have recognized that it is cheaper (and often a better investment) to put their money into their existing property than to buy something else and have to modify it to meet their needs.

In the “garden shed” business, this is changing everything. Our business at Country Structures has changed from being a “mini-barn” company to a custom-design, you-dream-it-and-we-can-make-it business. We are creating structures that no one would have ever thought of 15 years ago. And every time we help someone design a new structure, it opens doors to a whole realm of new uses. We call our efforts in this new realm, “DreamSpaces™.”

One of our favorites (just because it was such a clever use of the landscape to accomodate a new use) was a wine cellar build into a steep bank and a wine-tasting room built above it. A spiral staircase led from the tasting room down into the cellar, so guests could easily move between the two. A door built into the bank allowed access only to the cellar for easy restocking.

Our commitment has become one of taking this trend to its ultimate conclusion. We aren’t sure exactly where it is taking us, but we know that it will mean continually creating new uses for backyard structures and new ways to make it easier for our customers to get more enjoyment, more fulfillment, and in many cases more income from their own backyards.

Happy Backyarding!